Water Reclamation / Kromdraai Water Treatment Plant

Kromdraai Water Treatment Plant

Project Scope

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Water treatment of acid mine water from disused opencast coal mining pit

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Thungela Resources (Pty) Ltd

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Services Provided

General quantity surveying services, including measurements, bills of quantities (BOQ) compilation, procurement, TEAR processes as well as general contract administration.


The Kromdraai Colliery opencast pit was decommissioned in 2016. Illegal mining in 2022 caused an acid mine water spill into a nearby stream.

The illegal miners were removed from the property and a decision was made to treat the water remaining in the pit to a quality so  that it can be discharged into the nearby stream. To this end de-watering boreholes will be drilled and the water pumped via pipelines to a holding dam from where the water will be taken through a modified existing liming plant and a new Water Treatment Plant to be finally discharged into the existing stream.

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