Social Responsibility

Health, Safety and the Environment

At Venn + Milford, we comply with all regulations governing health, safety and environment at the workplace and at all of our project sites. We endeavor to take the necessary actions to correct and/ or isolate unsafe conditions or work practices and promote health, safety and environmental awareness to all stake holders.

Our policy is to hold each employee individually accountable for their health, safety and environment. We do this by making an effort to assure that employees can accomplish the safe completion of assigned tasks through on-going training and awareness programs.

We believe that no task is so important or so urgent, that we cannot take the time to do it safely. Venn + Milford actively adopts best practices in this regard from our clients and suppliers. We do this by observing, adapting and maintaining compliance with our clients’ requirements with regards to health, safety and environment.


In addition to our constantly growing talent pool, we are proud to have successfully met our transformation goals as a company. Venn + Milford Incorporated is 51% black owned and managed, and is actively involved in procuring goods and services from BBBEE empowered companies. We continuously look for ways to partner with local communities and organizations to be able to contribute towards a sustainable economy, which represents the demographics of South Africa.

Corporate Social Investment

Venn + Milford Incorporated have been involved in Corporate Social Investment since its inception in 1947. At Venn + Milford we believe in self-sufficiency, which is why we are dedicated to uplifting and empowering the underprivileged in our communities. As part of our initiative to empower the previously dis-advantaged we have partnered with African Havens, a non-profit organisation whose primary objective is to provide a place of safety for the vulnerable and to care for them as they embark on their journey of self-sufficiency.

African Havens operates seven different children’s homes in the Johannesburg Metro which caters for orphans and abandoned children. In addition African Havens also operates a facility called Home Base, which is a home for orphans who finish school and desire to study further.

Malibongwe, a women’s empowerment programme for mothers in transition and/or in a crisis situation is another Project spearheaded by African Havens.

One of the primary objectives of African Havens is to create a place of safety for the vulnerable members of our communities.

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African Havens children

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