Processing Plants / Module 3 & 4 Alternative Feed and Metallurgical Grade Stacker Upgrade Project

Module 3 & 4 Alternative Feed and Metallurgical Grade Stacker Upgrade Project

Project Scope

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Platinum (Chromite concentrate - project specific)

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Anglo American Platinum & Siyanda Chrome Investments JV

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Amandelbult/Northam, Limpopo

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Services Provided

General quantity surveying services such as preparation of cost schedules for procurement purposes, TEAR processes, monthly progress assessments resulting in payment certificates, cost reporting, commercial change management and general contract administration.


The Chrome Recovery Plant comprises of four modules and the concentrates produced are combined and pumped to a concentrate stacker and stockpad area.

The Amandelbult Concentrator consists of 3 plants, namely, UG2 #1, UG2 #2 and Merensky Plant. UG2 #1 and UG2 #2 plants predominantly treat UG2 ore with the surplus treated at the Merensky Plant.

The Merensky Plant can process UG2, Merensky, UG2 opencast and waste material. The Amandelbult Chrome Recovery Plant (CRP) module 1 & 2 was successfully commissioned in 2016 to recover chromite in the UG2 slurry generated by UG2 #1 and UG2 #2 plants respectively.

The CRP module 1 & 2 can either receive a chrome rougher tailings feed stream or be operated in interstage application to treat regrind cyclone underflow stream (i.e., primary rougher tailings as regrind cyclone feed). 

Following chromite recovery, the CRP module 1 & 2 tailings stream is either returned to the Concentrator for final tailings disposal (i.e., chrome rougher tailings application) or further processing and PGM recovery (i.e., interstage application). A new CRP module  3 & 4  with  a  capacity  to  treat  325ktpm  was  constructed  with  the  purpose  of extracting chromite from UG2 slurry produced by the Amandelbult Merensky Plant. In the event of the Merensky Plant being offline or not treating UG2 ore, the CRP module 3 & 4 would not be operational. 

This will decrease the amount of chrome produced by the Amandelbult complex and necessitates the investigation of alternative feed sources to CRP module 3 & 4.  The closest and potentially easiest source of feed material is the Amandelbult UG2 #1 and UG2 #2 chrome rougher tailings or CRP module 1 & 2 tailings streams, when not operated as an inter-stage processing unit, which still contain significant amounts of recoverable chrome. The purpose of this project is to allow CRP module 3 & 4 to operate when the Merensky Plant is offline, not treating UG2 ore or treating UG2 at a lower throughput.

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